Tiberius McLaggen ϟ Graduated ϟ FC: Jake Abel ϟ TAKEN

 Tiberius was always the golden child when growing up —he received all of the praise (even when he was merely taking credit for something his brother had done), he was the first to receive his Hogwarts letter, and it seemed like no matter what he did he couldn’t be wrong. It didn’t take long for someone as smart as Tiberius to catch on to this pattern, and soon he grew to like the power a little too much. He would often cause trouble just to blame his little brother, Hunter, as the pair never did seem to get on very well even despite their close age. What started out as a bit of a laugh for him quickly turned into an ongoing competition between the boys to see who could gain the most praise, first from their parents and then Tiberius moved on to bigger things like his professors and peers, and he didn’t stop there. Fresh out of Hogwarts, Tiberius is ready to begin his work at the Ministry of Magic, and more so he’s ready to start climbing his way up a brand new, and more competitive, social ladder Tiberius likes to surround himself with people that he feels will one day be very important, though he isn’t exclusive when it comes to blood purity; even muggles have potential to be great, and if he can ride on their coat tails to the top and wave down at his brother with a taunting grin he won’t miss the opportunity. Gold heavy in his pockets and a ruthless need to gain power, Tiberius isn’t above buying his friends if they’ll be of use to him in the future.

✔  Charismatic

✕ Competitive, Power hungry

Additional information:

  • Brother of Hunter McLaggen
  • Previously a member of the Slug Club
  • Future uncle of Cormac McLaggen
  • Best friend: Bertie Higgs
  • Slytherin class of 1977
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