Milicent “Millie” Elwyn ϟ 7th year ϟ FC: Sofia Black D’Elia ϟ TAKEN

image With a name as serious as “Milicent,” Millie has always tried to be as goofy as possible to offset what she refers to as a “horrid mistake” on her parents part. She’s always ready with a crude joke or sarcastic remark to any problem, and trying to get Millie to act her age is like a Muggle trying to turn water into wine. On most occasions her foolish behavior is what attracts a crowd to her, and though she’s not likely to admit it, she wouldn’t trade the attention for much. To her, nothing feels better than making a room of people laugh, even if she has to do it at the expense of others. Her tendency to turn to insults when little other humorous material is available has earned Millie more than a handful of enemies, and has even pissed off her fair share of friends. It can be frustrating to her mates who come to her with serious problems when she almost always responds to them with awkward humor, but she’s used it as an excuse to avoid letting emotions get the best of her for so long that it comes as second nature now. 

✔  Humorous, easy-going, resourceful

✕  Moody, hurtful, easily annoyed

Additional information: 

  • Might be interested in girls
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