Nash Abberley ϟ 7th year ϟ FC: Nolan Gerard Funk ϟ TAKEN

image Smoking more than a chimney, Nash’s bad habits have become more than just a running joke in Ravenclaw tower. He’s been tossed out of the library more times than he could count of both hands and feet for being a “liability to the safety of the books and students” so christened by a very angry and red-faced Madam Pince as she shook a scolding finger at Nash, who gave a courteous (if not a bit dramatic) bow, backing away from the library and blowing smoke rings in the corridors. He spends most class periods roaming the grounds or hiding out in the loo, depending on how social he’s feeling that day. Almost always up for a stimulating conversation or trouble making antics, Nash has weaseled his way onto almost everyone’s good side. Even if he does smell like dragon’s breath. 

✔  Laid back, addictive personality, open-minded

✕  Lazy, flippant, 

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