Prudence Derrick ϟ Potioneer ϟ FC: Charlotte Arnold ϟ OPEN

↳ Madam Primpernelle’s Beautifying Potions has named Prudence Employee of the Month more times than she can count, and not without reason. The art of covering up blemishes and saving face has never been something Prudence struggled with, and not only superficially. An out of place hair or spot on her chin is an easy enough fix, and she’ll tell any of her customers just that, but what she wouldn’t divulge to anyone are the other cover ups she does daily, and the ones she’s struggled to conceal in the past. Why she left school for the entirety of her sixth year, for one, returning September first 1976 to finish out her seventh year like nothing had happened, when in her world everything had changed.

Prudence discovered she was pregnant at the end of fifth year much to her horror and shock, and too afraid to face not only the consequences, but the gossip and tormenting of her peers, Prudence left school without a word, having and giving up her child some nine months later just as silently. Her outward demeanor remains just as playful and simplistic as ever, but anyone close to Prudence could tell you that there’s a darkness to her now. A wisdom that was never there before, and a distracted look to her like her thoughts are with something, or someone, else. With more and more stories of Death Eater attacks and Voldemort’s rising filling the papers, Prudence can’t help but be glad a more capable person is raising her child, but the monotony and vain nature of her job weigh on her more and more each day as she’s moved to truly better the world for a son she’ll never know and never give much else to. 

✔ Stoic, plucky, private

✕Self-conscious, worrisome

Additional information: 

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Anonymous inquired:

u suk

I’m going to kick you in the shins, Tanya Dearborn. 

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Jacob Portley ϟ 6th year ϟ FC: Michael Socha ϟ OPEN

image Jacob Portley was taught from a very young age that mother knows best, so when her overprotective instincts kicked into full force and she demanded he finish out his last year of schooling at home, away from the war’s influence and “safe” with his family, he didn’t question her. At least not right away. Never a very exceptional student, though not for lack of trying, the thought of being taken out of Hogwarts after his sixth year ends, and having one more disadvantage on his side when it comes to getting a job down the line, not only terrifies him, but elicits an emotion that Jacob doesn’t often feel: anger. Never before has he gone against his mother’s wishes (anyone in his family would be crazy to, as intense as she can be), never before has he even dreamed of arguing with her, but with his seventh year fast approaching and a good feeling in his gut that current Quidditch captain Mina Lima just might appoint him as her replacement once she graduates, a fight is beginning to brew within him. While he understands completely the gravity of the war, perhaps more than some after almost losing his father during the Death Eater attack on Hogsmeade, Jacob is a rather simple boy who just wants to try and live his life as normally as possible despite how abnormal the world around him has turned. And if that means starting to stick up for himself to his mother and lying to his friends, pretending that everything is right on track, then so be it. 

✔ Gentle, helpful, even-tempered

✕ Pushover, gullible, goody-two-shoes

Additional information: 

  • Does not return to Hogwarts for his seventh year
  • Chaser on the house team 
  • Has a younger sister (3rd year), also being taken out of Hogwarts
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Madeline Fitzpatrick ϟ Muggle ϟ FC: Zoe Saldana ϟ OPEN

↳ Growing up in Ireland, where daily life was often dominated by stereotypes and constricted by boundaries, Madeline knew from a young age that she wanted to be the person who broke those definitions. It wasn’t that she had a real need to be different or outstanding, rather; she loved the look on people’s faces when she defied those societal norms. Nothing gave her greater pleasure than the looks of clear embarrassment the boys would get when she outran them in her primary school days. She enjoyed telling her teachers that she could do precisely the things that they told her she couldn’t, and then proving her point. This often resulted in her getting up to plenty of trouble. But there was one event in particular that really pushed her to her limits. When she was fourteen, a slew of mysterious robberies eventually resulted in a murder, and Madeline’s innocent father was sent to jail. He ended up the town favorite for the scapegoat and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he was still hit with a hefty sentence. Soon, the town was filled with whispers that because he was simply a garbageman, he had grown desperate for money for his poor family. Other rumors seemed to say that it was only a matter of time before something had happened with ‘that black family’. Hurt and with a new fire ignited, Madeline decided she would work in the legal system as a lawyer to prevent these false accusations from ruining anyone else’s life, regardless of the gender or skin color of a person.

Ten years later, a newly hired assistant at a small law firm in London, Madeline is one step closer to her goal. Although she’s still climbing the social ladder, she knows that with enough fight she’ll get there. And even with all her raw energy and spirit, Madeline likes to keep in touch with her softer and more naive side that still sees the fun and good in life, often spending time after work at one of the pubs by her firm’s offices in Westminster.

✔ Fiery, caring, creative

✗ Demanding, impatient, prideful

Additional information:

  • Eventual wife of Carl Maclaren
  • Age: 24
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Carl Maclaren ϟ Muggle ϟ FC: Chris Pratt ϟ OPEN

↳ The burly Irishman has been proud owner of the pub he renamed Maclaren’s for nearly six years. Though he has always lived in London, Carl spent most of his summers growing up with relatives in Northern Ireland. His immediate family members were extremely business-savvy, with his father working in a bank, his mother running a diner, and his three elder siblings all pursuing their own path to success. Carl’s decision to buy a pub after the former owner died under mysterious circumstances may have set him apart from his siblings, but the thriving business he’s managed to build does anything but. Located in Westminster only a few blocks from the St. James Street tube stop, and open seven days a week, Maclarens has become a regular haunt for business folk and families alike.

Though he has three bartenders, each of whom can manage a shift on their own and are often paired up on busy days (such as match days), Carl spends a great deal of his time at the bar, keeping an eye on things and making sure his customers are happy. Still, for all his good-hearted chatter with the regulars, Carl rarely discusses his family or lack of a personal life. An avid football fan, most of the rare days he takes away from the bar are spent at a football pitch, rooting on his favourite teams. But those days are falling fewer and far-between, as the after-effects of the strikes of the winter of 1979 are only beginning to rear their ugly head. With his business in danger and all of his attention focused there, perhaps what he really needs is a distraction from it all.

✔ Friendly, shrewd, forgiving

✗ Guarded, impulsive, stubborn

Additional information:

  • Boss of Gideon Prewett, Edmund Prewett, and Scottie Mcallister
  • Eventual husband of Madeline Fitzpatrick
  • Age: 26
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RE: OOC list

I’ve mostly updated the OOC list, but if there is any information on there that you want me to take off (your personal blog, etc) or information that isn’t there that you want me to add (Skype, characters I’ve overlooked, etc) please let me know! And I apologize if I missed anyone, just shoot me a message and I’ll square it away!

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Anonymous inquired:

Hey, I can't remember if you were asked this recently, but will we be doing an update of the OOC info? I just noticed not everyones characters are updated and some people that have left the RP are still listed. It's not a big deal, but I was just wondering.

I haven’t been asked recently, but I do definitely plan to do that soon! Thanks for reminding me :)

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