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Please do an activity check soon?

You got it, dude! Y’all can consider this a warning to either shoot me a message about a hiatus (if you haven’t already) or make sure all of your characters are active.

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Do you guys reserve characters?

You can put a 24 hour reserve in for a character so long as you’re not on anon (so I know who I’m reserving for). Other people can still apply for that character while they’re on reserve, but I won’t make any decisions until your application comes through!

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Barty Crouch Jr. ϟ 6th year ϟ  FC: Bill Skarsgard ϟ OPEN

image Barty was never a troublesome child. Even as an infant he made very little fuss and caused his parents so few sleepless nights that it was almost as if he didn’t need their assistance at all. Especially not with the House Elves around to tend to him. When his mother offered this information up to him at the age of thirteen, something seemed to click in his mind. He had never demanded attention from his parents, his busy father especially, and so he had never received it. His father, a Ministry powerhouse, spent more time at the office worrying about catching dark wizards than he did with his own son, and though his mother cared very much for him, her abilities to show affection frequently were stumped as a result of her own hands-off upbringing. Barty was, for all he knew, invisible. He began craving his father’s attention more and more as he grew up, and as his peers were growing away from their parents, Barty longed to grow closer. His hunger for attention began to eat away at him until the quiet, low-maintenance boy of his youth had grown into an angry, troublesome deviant. If it was dark wizards that his father cared about, it was a dark wizard he would become. Undecided for a very long while on whether or not he really had the guts or the want to join the Dark Lord’s forces, his father’s promotion to Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the summer of 1978 solidified his choice. Now it’s only a matter of time, a matter of making the right connections, and a matter of shaping himself whoreheartedly into the kind of person Lord Voldemort would want in his ranks. Little does he know that his connections to the Ministry have already gotten him noticed, and he’s closer to becoming a Death Eater than he might have been prepared for. 

✔  Clever, emotional, well connected 

✕  Needy, unstable, conniving

Additional information:

  • Drops out of school at the height of the first war (presumably in his 7th year)
  • Participates in the torture of Alice and Frank Longbottom in 1981
  • Joins the Death Eaters as a cry for attention, but quickly is brainwashed into believing their cause legitimately. 
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Miriam Strout ϟ Healer ϟ FC: Valorie Curry ϟ OPEN

↳ Miriam Strout has always meant well, unfortunately meaning well and doing well are not always the same thing. She’s joked often and fondly that a cloud of bad luck must have taken a liking to her and refused to ever leave, but despite her many mishaps and accidents she has always kept trying and smiling. No one would dare call Miriam a ditz, in fact she has always proven to be very level headed no matter the situation, but it would not be a stretch to say she has a strong tendency to act before thinking and later realize just how silly her choices might have been. Motherly in nature, Miriam is generally soft spoken and calm, however if she feels someone who is in her care may be threatened, her fluttery, silly giggles can turn immediately to confident commands until the situation is under control yet again; usually someone else’s control as she would much rather take orders than give them. This tendency has often landed Miriam in situations where she is allowing others to take advantage of her kind nature, but as someone who would prefer to stay out of conflict if possible, she rarely has to spirit to speak up for herself. Exuberant, giddy, and accepting almost to a fault, it is hard not to like Miriam. Her patients in St. Mungo’s certainly do. 

✔ Energetic, caring, means well

✕ Unlucky, non-confrontational

Additional Information:

  • In 1995 is in charge of looking after long-term patients
  • Mistakes a Devil’s Snare for a Flitterbloom and accidentally allows Broderick Bode to die under her care
  • Hufflepuff class of 1976
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Saraphine Snow ϟ Poisonous Plant Regulations Board ϟ FC: Crystal Reed ϟ OPEN

↳ If anyone knows how to cry, it’s Saraphine. Her first week of Hogwarts was spent in tears, suffering from separation anxiety from her big, loving family. Her house mates might have thought that was the worst of it, but they would soon find that they were sadly mistaken. Saraphine is in the habit of crying when she’s angry, a nasty little trick that infuriates her more than all else. It makes arguing very near impossible, not that she’s one for confrontation on most occasions. She cries when she’s happy, which can also be frustrating (especially if she’s taken a lot of time to perfect  her makeup that morning). She cries when she’s sad, lonely, reading a book that’s hardly even upsetting at all. Seeing an old couple holding hands in a restaurant can bring a tear to her eye, and stress is certainly a trigger for tears too, which is most unfortunate considering she has a tendency to bite off way more than she can chew in order to help her friends and anyone in need. Volunteering in shelters, helping her superiors on the job, even taking extra shifts and doing research for others; nevermind that she often falls behind on her own work because she’s busy doing everyone else’s. Coming from a huge family where everyone helped everyone else, it’s second nature for her to lend a hand here or there, but what she is coming to slowly realize is that maybe it’s time to start taking care of herself, too. Maybe she would cry less, maybe she wouldn’t fall behind, and maybe she wouldn’t always feel like such a doormat if she could learn to stand up for herself and ask that the kindness she showed others was returned to her. 

✔  Kind, helpful, motherly

✕  Quiet, overly-emotional, sensitive 

Additional information:

Youngest child of seven (Three brothers, three sisters)

  • One of her siblings will join the Death Eaters and be taken to Azkaban by the end of the war
  • Hufflepuff class of 1978
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Emma Vanity ϟ Paralegal ϟ FC: Annalynne Mccord ϟ OPEN

↳ After an almost unheard of five years as Quidditch captain for the house team, everyone expected that Emma Vanity would go on to the professional leagues and take the game by storm. She certainly had the talent, but Emma lacked the drive. Despite being one of the fiercest and most respected captains of the time, Emma had no interest in pursuing something so meaningless like Quidditch (in her opinion) as a full-time career. Her real passions lay in winning, no matter what the competition was, and to her an intellectual triumph would always be superior to the superficial win of a sporting event. It seemed obvious to her that the life of a lawyer (and hopefully one day a member of the Wizengamot) was the right choice. With her connections to the wizarding law firm Van Buren, Vaughn, and Vanity, Emma began her education in law immediately after graduation and worked her way up from intern to paralegal in no time with a small amount of help form her father and a large amount of drive and academic passion on her side. Soon she hopes to be qualified as a lawyer herself, and after that she won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to win her cases and win herself a spot on the Wizengamot in a few decades time. 

✔  Logical, intelligent, confident

✕  Argumentative, competitive, intimidating

Additional information:

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Harper Hennison ϟ Muggle ϟ FC: Caitlyn Stasey ϟ OPEN

↳ Despite her generally nice attitude and thirst for adventure, Harper has always been an outcast among her peers. It might have something to do with the fact that when she was five, she had a pet frog and always carried him around in her pocket. Beating the boys in races and condemning dresses could have been another. Though most likely, Harper’s lack of friends can be pinned to the fact that her curiosity for chemicals and their sometimes dangerous reactions managed to singe off the hair of the prettiest girl in their year. Somehow, even five years later, she still hasn’t been forgiven for that, so instead of going out on Friday nights and making memories that will last her a lifetime (as her mother keeps pushing her to do), Harper spends most of her time holed up in her bedroom, messing around with Chemicals and creating small explosions, only leaving to stock up on more supplies. She always hopes she might find someone who shares her interests in Chemistry or even just the unknown, but until then she’s content on her own. 

✔  Curious, intelligent

✕   Dangerous, lonely

Additional information:

  • Lives in a flat with only her mother, located just a street or two away from a certain Wizard pub she can’t see and doesn’t know exists. 
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