As the New Year begins in the RP, I’m inclined to think that both us and our characters need an official new beginning/fresh start too. That is why on the 2nd of August (January) there will be no RPing for 24 hours and all conversations will have to be wrapped up prior to the mini-hiatus. It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve done something like this, I think over a year at this point, but with all of the timewarping we’ve had to do lately and the posts I’ve seen talking about getting behind on plots or drabbles, I think it’s time for another one of these so we all get the chance to start completely fresh with new conversations and absolutely no stress. 

What you choose to do in that 24 hours is up to you, whether it be writing drabbles you’ve been meaning to for ages, plotting out things for the future, or going for a 5 mile run and walking on sunshine while drinking prune juice. But whatever it is, just make sure your old conversations are finished and you don’t post anything during the 24 hour fast. Or I will set the cows on you and they will skewer you. I mean it. 

So in case there is any confusion about what is happening:

  • By 11:59PM (EST) on August 1st all old conversations need to be wrapped up.
  • No new posts or replies will be made for the next 24 hours. 
  • At 11:59PM (EST) on August 2nd RPing will resume as usual. 

will (probably) be using that time to write new bios, plan future events (both inside and outside of Hogwarts), and do other boring admin stuff that includes but is not limited to napping on a hammock and drinking wine. In short, I will be trying to make your return well worth it. 

I’m making this post now so that if you’re planning for future plots you can navigate around this if it’s necessary, and also so if there is anyone who is strongly opposed to this date for any reason there is time for me to change it.

Additionally, the 2nd of January was originally when students were supposed to return to Hogwarts, but as the RP will be on hiatus that day the return date will instead be the 3rd of January. When the RP resumes play, students will be en route to Hogwarts. 

If you have any questions or requests please message me! I’ll likely reblog this post several times before the 2nd, and there will be a post to mark both the beginning and end of the fast so anyone who isn’t in EST time won’t have to do the math. Please like or reply to this post or send me a picture of a cute cow so I know you’ve read this and know what’s up.

Otherwise, keep on keeping on, and merry day after Christmas! 

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Activity notice:

So tomorrow I leave for the beach with some goons from this place and I’ll be there until the 23rd of the month. I am bringing my laptop, so I should be able to get to messages and application acceptances within a semi-reasonable amount of time during that period, but I’m posting this as a warning just in case an app comes in and I don’t get to it within a day or two. I am not ignoring you. I am riding sharks and will get to them soon! Please don’t let this deter you from applying, I assure you even in vacation mode I try to keep on top of my app reading game. I hate waiting, so I hate making people wait. 

The same goes for general questions or issues or plots that you might want to discuss with me. Just leave me a message (preferably on Skype, but Fanmail works too!) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

As a side note, in case anyone has forgotten or missed the initial announcement, Christmas break for the Hogwarts kids will start on the 15th! You can see the post in full here: [x]

Don’t kill anyone or burn the RP down while I’m semi-away, please! The cows will be watching. The cows are always watching. 

Okay, I love you all very much! Continue on with your regularly scheduled RPing. 

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Anonymous inquired:

Most wanted?

Well personally I pick Bertram Aubrey and Jason Denbright but I’ll let the rest of you guys answer who you want to see most. 

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Anonymous inquired:

Is your ooc list updated?

No, it’s not. But since you asked: If anyone knows they’re not on it or that their information is wrong, I can update it now! Just message me :)

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Gaspard Shingleton ϟ Inventor ϟ FC: Steven R. McQueen ϟ OPEN

↳ Gaspard Shingleton is far from a household name in the Wizarding world, but he has been featured in no fewer than three magical magazines dedicated to the factual, educational, and downright scientific developments in the latest Wizarding World inventions. His ideas have been printed alongside big named, well known wizards who have spent their lives perfecting even a single new innovation to ease the lives of the rest of the wizarding world, but Gaspard is no where near as book smart or dedicated as they are, and has disappointed many an interviewer with his lazy attitude and inability to use the intellectual jargon they are used to hearing when discussing a new invention with the inventor. In fact, Gaspard’s inventions are more often than not a product of his own laziness than a means by which he hopes to improve the Wizarding World as a whole. It was never his intention for his first idea, self-shuffling playing cards, to become a wide-spread phenomena among his peers, but four months after his first deck was made Gaspard was rolling around in gold from, initially, the sale of the cards and, eventually, a larger corporation buying his idea. 

Gaspard was merely thirteen years old when his first invention took off, and he has had several since then, all equally profitable. Unfortunately such a large pile of gold to such a young boy is often too easily spent, and after blowing almost all of his money on a rock that looks like meat at an auction and a two-tailed monkey that he lost somewhere in the U.K. several months ago, Gaspard is now broke enough that he’s been living above the Leaky Cauldron and bargaining with the owner for just a few days more to come up with the money he owes, all while trying out failed idea after failed idea in a sketchy basement after almost being thrown out of his Leaky Cauldron room for exploding a cauldron at four in the morning. 

He is flighty, often leaving unexpectedly in the middle of a conversation if inspiration hits, and has never been above using other people for his own gain. But at the end of the day Gaspard doesn’t mean any harm by his sometimes selfish actions, and even if it was never his intention to make life easier for everyone else by inventing these things, he’s beginning to understand that he isn’t the only one who needs a shortcut every now and again, and that his battles aren’t the only ones worth fighting. 

✔ Unintentionally brilliant, charismatic, resourceful

✕ Selfish, eccentric, lazy, impulsive

Additional information:

  • Eventually invents the self-stirring cauldron and is featured on a Chocolate Frog card before his death.
  • Slytherin class of 1978.
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Anonymous inquired:

Is Lily Evans open?

She is, yes. We have one app for her right now but if you’d like to put a reserve on her I can wait a few hours before making any decisions. 

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